Get the “Macroscope” on Microscopes

Tips for Designing an Open Office Plan

If you are a company that is thinking about going from a cubicle farm to an open office plan, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of details that you have to consider. You need to make sure that you have enough space for everyone to sit, that you organize quiet spaces for people to […]

Looking For A Tool To Add To Your Arsenal? Maybe A Flexible Borescope Might Be Right For You

Flexible borescopes have a twistable rod linking your camera with the eyepiece. These items are commonly used to look into ducts, vents, pipes and chimneys. Since they can bend and curve, they make an ideal addition to any service professionals arsenal. If you aren’t sure whether a borescope is right for you and your needs, […]

Five Factors For Measuring The Effectiveness Of A Legacy Modernization Project

The success of your company’s legacy modernization project will most likely continue to have an influence on office operations for a long time to come. This means it’s important to be able to evaluate your options and probable outcomes before committing your company to a project. The following are five important factors you can look […]

Figuring Out The Cause Of Online Gaming Problems

The modern world of computing, Internet technology and gaming has developed a powerful and unique form of entertainment called online gaming. With many different genres and skill levels to choose from, the online gaming world provides many different ways to enjoy a challenge while working with or against players all over the world. If you’re […]